Representation – PcP. Sicherheitsroste GmbH for the territory of Serbia

Neven-komerc Ltd. has received an exclusive dealership for the sale of PcP products. Sicherheitsroste GmbH for the territory of Serbia.

PcP. Sicherheitsroste GmbH is a safe and innovative pillar of the Danish PF Group in the sales area of ​​Germany, Austria and Switzerland and now Serbia. It is a company that manufactures high quality flooring and stair treads of steel and stainless steel.

The products of this company can be used in steel construction, general construction of staircases for industrial and architectural applications, energy industry, plants and in many architectural projects as walkways, fences and facade elements.

Thanks to the certification according to EN DIN 9001: 2015, customer requirements for high quality products are fulfilled.