The focus of development is on innovation, quality and precision. Following the stated goal, a new HYDRAULIC PRESS BRAKE  was started in PD “Neven-komerc” doo

  • Easy-to-use CNC system with complete calculation of bending and tools
  • Ideal for multiple bending of more demanding shapes as well as for large productions that require multiple repetitions
  • The accuracy and repeatability of bending is at least five times higher than conventional presses

Product programming using direct angle insertion or absolute dimensions. For each CNC program and bending sequence, the programmable and / or calculated functions include:

Bending length / thickness, material selection, tool selection, bending method, tone off, self-extinguishing point, force / velocity of pressure, additional stroke and retraction of the rear meter, downtime, delay time for re-positioning of axes, stroke / decompression speed, tilt adjustment , corrections on the Y and X axes.