Who are we?

Economic association for external and internal trade (wholesale and retail trade), production Neven-komerc d.o.o. was founded in 1997:

From a small enterprise with only a few employees we have grown into a stabile enterprise, which provides jobs for 27 people and the number is constantly rising. Also, for more than 20 years of doing business we can say that we are driven by our desire to constantly improve, teamwork and commitment to the company.

We are doing exclusive representation for ELESA + GANTER a world corporation that offers the widest range of standard machine elements for mechanical industry.

Also, we have an exclusive dealership to sell PcP products. Sicherheitsroste GmbH for the territory of Serbia. PcP. Sicherheitsroste GmbH is a company that manufactures high quality staircase and stair treads of steel and stainless steel.

Enterprise Neven-komerc d.o.o. deals with the sale of professional machines and tools of some the biggest worldwide brands like : Husqvarna, Makita, Bosch, Stanley, Unior, Womax, Villager, Stiga…

We cooperate with a number of renowned domestic and foreign manufacturers of electric material and equipment. We are famous for our wide range of low voltage equipment, modular haberdashery, automatic fuses, contactors, FID safety circuit breakers, large in stock and of course for our professional approach to customers. We are distributor of low voltage equipment for „SCHNEIDER-ELECTRIC” company.

Identifikacioni podaci

Full company name:  P.D. “Neven-komerc” DOO
Short business name: Neven-komerc
Company headquarters: Gornji Milanovac
Zip Code:  32300
Township:  Gornji Milanovac
City  Gornji Milanovac
Street and number:  Mlakovac 1 2
Phone: +381 (0)32/718-013
E-mail: nabavka@nevenkomerc.com
Identification number: 20367245
Activity Code: 2562 i 4719
TAX ID: 105378554
Account number: 340-11011351-03  | 155-12436-47

Neven-komerc d.o.o. does business in these fields of trade:

  • Hardware and ironmonger goods (threaders, tappers, drills, tape measures, bolts, screw internals, washers, hinges, handles, locks, screws, couplings )
  • Painter’s and colourist’s material (dispersions and semi-dispersion, every type of colour and lacquer for wood, metal and concrete, materials for hydro isolation, additives for concrete and mortar)
  • Programs for facades (facade colours, styrofoam, glues, wires, slats…)
  • High-quality semi-professional and professional asset-tools
  • Machine for maintenance of forests, gardens and parks
  • Electronic materials and related equipment ( Electronic cables, electronic materials and lighting…)
  • Profiles and girders, steel, seamless pipes, steel metal
  • Products from the haberdashery
  • Construction material (cement, lime, condor, terraplast, bitulit)
  • PVC pipes for drainage, water, sewerage…
  • System of dry construction (knauf, replaster)

Neven-komerc d.o.o. successfully operates in the field of ferrous metallurgy. From its wide range of products, it distinguishes products: profiles and girders, steels, seamless pipes, sheets, structural pipes, concrete steels, metal goods.

We also perform services of machining, cutting, bending of all types of steel to scale, cutting with hydraulic shears, CNC plasma cutting …

The quality of products and services is what makes us recognizable in the domestic market. The large number of satisfied clients with whom we successfully cooperate are also our best recommendation.

The aim of Neven-komerc d.o.o is to become one of the leading companies in the distribution and processing of ferrous metallurgy products, by increasing the range of ferrous metallurgy products and investing in equipment for the provision of processing services.